HTML5 Runner

During my time at Microsoft, I built a runner style game in HTML5/js. I learned a whole bunch about Javascript, the HTML5 canvas, browser compatibility, and touch/mobile controls!

A short 1.5 minute demo of the game.

The Runner is typical of other runners: Don’t die. Press/Click to jump, the longer you hold the jump the higher Wheeler jumpers.

The AI Game is a the opposite of a runner, you play as the world and attempt to kill the autonomous runner. The AI is pretty non existent, but the idea is to hit them with spikes, lasers, and missiles. Spikes are tap/click activiated. Lasers are touch/click and hold activated. Missiles are swipe/click and drag activated (just drag in the direction you want the missile to go!).

And here is the link. To play, navigate to it, click or touch either the AI game or the Runner.

Runner Game

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