These 2 models are a little experiment I did back when I was starting with 3D modelling.

I have always been an admirer of firearms and weapons. Which is why I wanted to model/create my own for a change.

I also have a great appreciation for 3D artists who create weapon models for video games. They are complex, and intricate things that often don’t get a whole lot of attention, which is unfortunate. Another aspect about video game weaponry that I find interesting is; in the sci-fi and fantasy genre’s there is a more room for experimentation, the ability to design new weapon systems that can’t possibly exist in the real world, but exist in the game.

One game of note that I appreciated for their weapon creation was Mass Effect. While they don’t have an extraordinary amount of unique weapon models (roughly 2-3 per weapon type, which totals up to roughly 12-14) but the cool thing about them is, the weapons are collapsible. So when the weapon is not being used the weapon barrel retracts into the weapon, the stock collapses back into itself, the grip and trigger recede into the receiver. And then when it is equipped, as the user pulls the weapon from where it is stored, there is this intricate animation (I liken it to a tranformer when it transforms) where the gun unfolds and expands to its ready fire state. Its very unique and I always thought it had kind of a badass undertone to it. Maybe I watched to many cartoons as a kid.

Anyway, here are the weapon models for my line of weaponry, I based them off of one geometric foundation so that the 2 weapons (one assault rifle, one sniper rifle) would resemble each other, but still have variety.

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The Assault rifle was made after, and developed off of the frame of, the sniper rifle. I like how the two pieces look like they belong to the same set/series, but are not identical.


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