Music of March 2015

So as mentioned earlier, going to try and aggregate/curate/collate some of the music I listen to each month. I usually go back and forth with a friend of mine about this, and some co-workers as well. I even go so far as to write some small words about each piece; so it would seem most of the legwork is already done. Some of the songs I didn’t list because I lack confidence in them, don’t care too much, or I just didn’t listen to them very often.

The ways to find it collated together:



Here it goes, music on my March 2015 playlist, in no real order. Though most songs are added as I find them, so this would most closely relate the order in which I discovered them.

  1. Coming Back – Dean Ray  Ridiculous video aside, I enjoy the rhythm of it overall. All I can say is that it is catchy.
  2. All of the Pieces – Reigan I dig the harmony in the background, it builds a simple thing into something with a bit more weight. The synth helps with that too.
  3. Three Fingers – Rival Sons They were featured prominently in some earlier playlists last year. But an article I was reading about new prog rock/rock that’s making waves and they were mentioned so I gave ’em another spin. Also I mean “I’m on my feet and I’m running the plaza, the matador is holding the red, but I’ve got the horns, I’ve got the speed, This motherfucker’s going home dead” Gotta love that.
  4. City Lights – The Soft White Sixties It’s funky and has plenty of energy. This always gets my feet tapping. Also pointed to in the aforementioned blog.
  5. Under A Rock – Waxahatchee  Referred by a friend, but I will say it may not be for everyone. I find it hard to pin down, but I think what I like most about the sound is that it feels the right amount of dirty like it is more genuine than something else I would find normally.
  6. She Lit A Fire – Lord Huron Another referral. It’s a simple song, I like the tone overall, it’s unimposing and easy going. It’s not the most boastful love song I’ve ever heard, which I appreciate. The echo-ey feeling makes it easy to let it kinda slide past you.
  7. When My Time Comes – Dawes (Referral) Not only is the writing and content of the song awesomely zen, but god damn if the belting out the chorus isn’t fun as hell.
  8. Black Sun – Death Cab For Cutie  (Referral) This should pretty much go without any sort of explanation. It’s fucking Death Cab.
  9. No Room In Frame – Death Cab For Cutie (See #8 for more info)
  10. Messidona – Driver Friendly  (Referral) I really enjoy the energy, it’s something that reminds me of the alt numbers of my highschool years. A real manic feeling.
  11. Twin Sized Mattress – The Front Bottoms (Referral) It took me SEVERAL listens to come around to this, but it got it’s hooks in. Even past the shitty theme and whiney tone, I still like it. I could not really explain it.
  12. FourFiveSeconds – Rihanna and Kanye And Paul McCartney (Referral) What can I say, I love Rihanna’s voice. Paul McCartney rocks. Kanye is hard for me to stomach mostly. But the message and other bits seems to outweigh his presence enough. Though this is hardly without precedent. Jay Z and Rihanna carried me through Run This Town some years back. 
  13. Eraser – Young Statues Hits a similar cord to Messidona, and as such it makes the list.
  14. Hum – Tigers Jaw  Reminded me a bit of  early work of The Hush Sound if they pulled the piano bits out of The Hush Sound. Not amazing, but I’ve just been listening to it and it hasn’t gotten on my nerves.
  15. Real Love – Clean Bandit I love electro with nice clean female vocals. If I have a spot that is the equivalent of belly rubs for dogs. That exact spot is it. I realize I’m late to the party on this, Rather Be was on my lists last year, but somehow just caught this one. Unknown how I missed it.
  16. Nobody to Love – Sigma Good rhythm and I like the tempo of it, jumps frequently between the smooth vocal harmonic to the house type synth.
  17. Am I Wrong – Nico & Vinz  I like a lot about this song, the video, the vocals, the sound, the lyrics, all of it really. This song is great.
  18. Waves – Mr. Probz Late to the party again. This one lands in between a few different spaces for me. I think that is why I like it so much. It’s slow melody really just puts me in a very relaxed state. His voice is soft but has a bit of gravel on his upward inflections, it gives a hard edge to a lot of the lines. It’s a small thing but it makes the lines feel a bit more pleading.
  19. I’m So Sorry – Imagine Dragons Won’t even lie about this one, totally got it from the Battlefield Hardline launch trailer. It’s good power rock with driving chords. I’m down with it.
  20. Habits (Stay High) – Tove Lo (Referral of sorts) I am in agreement with a lot of people about Tove Lo, she can sing it. No question.
  21. Youth – Daughter I’ve listened to Daughter many times, this another great one. Nice minor key stuff, they have such a melancholy sort of rambling sound. I always think of their stuff as music to listen to in the rain, which works out here in the Seattle….
  22. Faded – ZHU  It’s good club music, nothing truly exceptional. But it is great for zoning out at the gym or at the office. For that alone it gets an add.
  23. Walk – Kwabs I was fairly obsessed with this song for the last half of March. Kwabs has an amazing voice, really good power and incredible intonation, I mean it is crystal clear at ALL times. Very good soulful tone and a nice driving beat behind it. It definitely get’s in that hip-hop vein.
  24. I See Fire – Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran? Check. Lord of the Rings? Check. Acoustic Guitar? Check. No further questions.
  25. Boll Weevil – Punch Brothers You won’t see much country on here. But I guess since this is technically blue grass it gets a pass. I love the size of it this song just feels ‘small’ and for some reason that resonates with me.
  26. Please Beware – Dirty Sweet Let it never be said I don’t enjoy solid rock music. Good crunchy chords and a nice reeling vocal style. I would, at the risk of being pedantic, describe this as ‘dirtily sweet’.
  27. Hunger And Thirst – Typhoon A new album from an old stand by. They are a pretty big (in size) alt indie group. Their sound reminds me a bit of Snow Patrol. They have a good range and sound (11 person ensemble gives some flexibility). I really enjoy the groups ability to shift entirely throughout the song, it feels like two experiences in one.
  28. 100 Years – Typhoon Another good track of the previously mentioned album.
  29. Slow Motion – Phox Found this one through AudioTree. I think this is a neat little group. Good upbeat sound, and the singer has an amazing voice. Very good timbre. I’d recommend just watching that whole Audio Tree.
  30. Seeya – deadmau5 WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT FEMALE VOCALISTS AND ELECTRONIC. (Also the whole song is about dreaming, that’s fucking rad).
  31. Humbling River – Puscifier  You cannot go wrong with Maynard James Keenan anything in my house. This has got some great moodiness to it, and the typical preaching style of MJK. Good writing and impeccable execution.
  32. Come Alive – Hanni El Khatib  Heard this one in a movie trailer as I recall. It’s got a nice kind of punchy sound to it, never fails as a pick me up.

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