Reduce, Refine, Perfect

After accepting an offer for a full time job, I have been thinking and talking with friends.

I have concluded that there is a need for me to simplify my life. 

I will be adding a lot to my plate in the next 6 months. More people, tasks, and responsibilities. I need to reduce the excess, focus on what I have, and make it great. What that means is eliminating some of the distraction of social networking. For me, some of the experience has become very antisocial and impersonal.

For that reason I have decided to reduce the number of my connections on Facebook. My Friends list will be reduced to about 1/10 of its current size. This is in an effort to minimize the number of connections I have on Facebook and remain connected only with those people to whom I speak most frequently.

Please do not be offended if you notice sometime next week that I am not on your list of friends. I am just making Facebook easier for me to use. Please, do get in touch with me through e-mail, Twitter, or if you are abandoning social media like I am, then text me.


Please feel free to contact me through other channels:

  1. email (,
  2. phone (email me and I can send it to you),
  3. twitter (@CaptKerberos).

I have elected these channels for 2 reasons:

  • they are more personal and direct
  • they are more manageable

To those of you that will take this personally. I am sorry. I do not mean to offend you. Just realize that I am trying to make my Facebook presence a much more private one.


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